May 6, 2006 One of the most intruiging forms of motorized transport we’ve seen in recent times is the GG Quad made in Switzerland. Starting with a modern BMW flat twin motorcycle of 1150cc, Gruter and Gut have evolved a machine that is somewhere between an open wheeler and a motorcycle, with motorcycle-like controls and a very healthy power-to-weight ratio for any four wheeler – 100 brake horsies pushing just 375 kilograms. In gearing the bike down to push the extra weight, top speed has been reduced significantly to just 115 mph, but the acceleration is … breathtaking. By utilising the space between the open wheels, there’s now storage space aplenty. The GG Quad is now available in America, built to order in Switzerland with complete units shipped to the US-based Dallas HQ and distributed to dealers for an MSRP of US$49,500. Delivery times are being streamlined at present and order-to-delivery of the beastie is expected to be less than a month when importing starts in Q3.

GG Quad North America is working through DOT & EPA requirements now and seeking expressions of interest from BMW motorcycle dealers to provide retail sales & service for the Quads. This makes the best sense as the motor and associated power plant is the main maintenance item and the BMW dealer is the best place for customer support. Customer service will be a high point. The company plans to deliver 100 units per year, and the aim is to offer a much closer relationship with customers than is normally experienced with a machine in this price range. “Factory delivery can be arranged in Dallas or Ballwil, Switzerlan,” said GG’s Keith Smith. “Customer tours to the factory and a week of fun riding around the European Alps will offered to owners and potential customers too,” according to Smith.

The machine is road registerable in most countries, can be ridden without a helmet in many and if you’re one of those people who likes to admire gorgeous engineering work, you’ll get lots of value just looking at the beastie.

Indeed, as someone who has spent several months (cumulatively) exploring the European alps via two and four wheels, I’d wholeheartedly suggest that if you’re planning on purchasing one of these machines, take the opportunity to pick it up in Switzerland.

MH The basics

Swiss Design – Billet Aluminum Chassis German 1150 cc, 100 HP, Flat Twin Engine Familiar Motorcycle Control Layout 6 Speed Gearbox plus Reverse 880 lbs. 0 – 60 in under 5 seconds Top Speed 115 mph Six – Four Piston Brakes - Full Floating Rotors 60 – 0 in under 100’ Formula Car Stability and Control at all Speeds Highest Quality of Components OZ Wheels in 17” & 16” Dunlop Tires in 225/37 - 17 & 195/40 – 16 Wilbers Adjustable Hydraulic Shock Absorbers Braded Brake Hoses Quaife LSD Limited Slip Differential Long Life Reliable Power Plant Crate Engine from BMW From Airbox to the Tip of the Exhaust, stock BMW Components Motronic Engine Control Unit Normal 6000 and Annual Service Intervals Extensive List of Options Custom Paint from Mild to Wild MSRP $49,500

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