May 7, 2006 Personal multimedia viewing is something we expect to explode over the next year or two as people take the MP3 personal media experience and extend it to its logical conclusion. And video eyewear seems to be the logical way to fully experience the medium. The US$549 Icuiti DV920 Video Eyewear debuted at CTIA last month, and is now shipping and available in North America. The DV920 enables a private, big-screen viewing experience that fits in a pocket or purse, and eliminates the drawback of mobile content viewing on a tiny built-in screen. The DV920 incorporates two CyberDisplay VGA full-color microdisplays with 640 x 480 resolution. At just 3.5 ounces, the DV920 is among the smallest and highest resolution personal display systems on the market. Worn like a regular pair of sunglasses, the DV920 offers a private home-theater-size video experience - anywhere, anytime - with high-quality stereo headphones to complement the overall experience. The DV920 is ideal for watching streaming video on mobile phones, movie playback from portable DVD players, video podcasts and TV shows from a video iPod.

"The amount of excitement surrounding the Video Eyewear market is overwhelming to say the least," said Paul Travers, CEO of Icuiti Corporation. "Video Eyewear is positioned to take the world by storm, replacing all of those tiny screens and changing forever the way people watch video outside the home."

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