State-of-the-art Explosives Ordinance Response Truck

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May 12, 2006 The threats to homeland security that became evident on September 11 a few years back have precipitated a vastly different approach to Explosives Ordinance Response and the sophistication of the latest purpose-built vehicle from Mattman Specialty Vehicles is illustrative of the above. In the past, most bomb squads had to use an old delivery truck or if a new unit was purchased, its primary function was to carry bomb suits and other equipment. This unit is a complete operations base with a mast mounted camera, robot operator's area, exterior monitor and workstation, exterior decontamination shower, robot ramp, and awning for inclement weather. The hamburger-with-the-lot isn’t cheap, but than again, neither is human life. As photographed, the unit costs US$297,667.

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