May 14, 2006 There are many companies in the world that create luxury goods for high earners, and there are just as many who create specialist tools for the finest exponents of their trade. Becker Automotive does both, pushing the very edge of luxury vehicle design. Using SUVs and vans as the base of their designs, Becker can create mobile environments for almost any purpose, from luxury offices through stretched (height and length) mobile entertainment areas, though the exterior of the van remains remarkably incognito, giving no hint of the technology, opulence and status of the occupants. What sets Becker apart, is the level of luxury craftsmanship, which is equivalent to that you’d find in a private luxury jet or yacht, and the range of options, which covers … almost anything. Though Becker Automotive is located in California, their vehicles are regularly shipped across the world. Our favourite is Becker’s six-seat mobile office concept for the corporate commando team (pictured) with full electric seating, high-speed wireless internet and … ballistic armouring should it be required.

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