The Strollometer - speedometer and trip computer for a baby stroller

The Strollometer - speedometer and trip computer for a baby stroller
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May 15, 2006 "There are countless products on the market geared towards a woman while she's pregnant”, explains Strollometer CEO Dan Weber, “Then she gives birth, and the focus suddenly shifts to the baby. Our company is devoted to the mother’s fitness and well-being, and addresses the enormous physical changes she experiences both during and following pregnancy." The Strollometer is an eight function wireless computer/speedometer that fits any baby stroller displaying current, average, and maximum speed; trip and daily distance; trip and real clock time; and ambient temperature. Given that the Juvenile Products market (cribs, car-seats, strollers etc) is worth US$6.02 billion annually in the United States alone, we think this is a great idea that deserves international distribution.

“The Strollometer is geared towards Moms who want to get back into shape after pregnancy,” says Adi Weber, President and co-founder of 9 Months Up, 9 Months Down, LLC. "As a mother of three, including a one-year old, I found it almost impossible to find time to workout after my pregnancies. Yet I strolled everywhere. Our hope is that The Strollometer will help Moms get more out of every stroll they take - whether it's a powerstroll around the neighborhood or a day doing errands with their baby.”

The Strollometer will be on store shelves in September with an MSRP of US$45.95.

The Strollometer was awarded the prestigious 2006 JPMA Innovation Award last week. Enquire about distribution here.

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