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The pillow that helps you get pregnant

The pillow that helps you get pregnant
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Christy designed the pillow while working as news anchor on MSNBC. It helped her become pregnant with twins
Christy designed the pillow while working as news anchor on MSNBC. It helped her become pregnant with twins
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May 20, 2006 Getting pregnant is one of those things that’s incredibly easy unless you actually want to – then Murphy’s Law ( the probability of an event occurring is inversely proportional to the desirability of that event) takes over and you need to stack all the odds in your favour. If that’s your aim (getting pregnant), then the Conception Curve might be handy. It’s a post-coital positioning pillow contoured to support a woman's hips, thighs and buttocks comfortably as gravity helps nature take its course.

The Conception Curve is not rocket science, but it hasn’t been done before and makes absolute sense. Numerous books on pregnancy suggest that after ejaculation the woman should continue to lie on her back with her pelvis slightly tilted upward for 20 to 30 minutes in order to help the sperm reach their goal with the aid of gravity. So you’ve got the choice of using a pile of normal pillows to get a rough approximation of the most appropriate shape (and your pillows soggy), or pay US$59.95 for the ConceptionCurve.

Dr. Christopher D. Williams, author of "The Fastest Way to Get Pregnant Naturally" likes the Conception Curve Positioning Pillow because, "It simulates what I do in my office after a woman has undergone an artificial insemination of sperm. I normally raise the hips and allow the woman to rest for 20 minutes in that position."

The Conception Curve is the product of Christy Drangula, a former news anchor on MSNBC Cable News Network. During my time there, Christy conceived the idea for the pillow and began work on getting her own company started. In addition, she got pregnant using the pillow and is now the happy mother of two 7 month old twins (pictured).

Christy reports, "We’ve been selling a little over a year now and business is really going great. We sell the pillow in the U.S. through our website and drop ship for three other vendors:, and In Europe, we sell our pillow through Christy is currently in development on the company's second product and thriving with her new work. "It is the most rewarding work I have ever done," she says, "next to being a mother!"

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