May 23, 2006 Mark Tilden is a master roboticist, with his creations for WOWWEE such as Robosapien I and Robosapien II, RoboPet and Roboraptor among the most sought after toys each year and we recently reported that we expect coming generations to be much smarter – already Wowwee has sold more robots than any other company on the planet and each new generation gets a fair bit smarter than the last. Now there’s a new Wowwee robot about to be set loose – Roboreptile is a highly interactive, seeing and hearing 72cm long cyber-reptilian with a 28 function remote control. Roboreptile has direct control functions, free roam, program mode and guard mode capabilities. Incorporating a complex array of sensors (vision, touch and stereo sound sensors) and advanced artificial intelligence, this futuristic reptile achieves new levels of awareness. No firm pricing just yet but expect a price in the US$120 area when the beastie becomes available in July.

With his highly flexible neck, Roboreptile will scan his environment with Infrared Vision Sensors for any “prey”. His vision sensors enable him to detect movement and avoid obstacles. Roboreptile is also equipped with a touch sensor on his back, which allows him to respond to human interaction by performing a short animation. Roboreptile has sharp sonic sensors that enable him to detect sharp loud sounds which he will run towards.

Roboreptile’s realistic biomorphic movements and cutting edge dynamics are so incredibly lifelike, you will feel as though you are interacting with a living reptile. This impressive technology enables Roboreptile to cycle through four different gaits. He has the ability to run and walk on all four feet, then switch to a bipedal movement and attack on his two hind feet. With the press of a button, Roboreptile will jump, and he turns at the drop of a hat to surprise his adversaries. His cool tail whipping action will defend him against any enemy!

Roboreptile’s default state is hungry, aggressive and active! Using his keen senses, he will start to explore his environment, attacking, roaring or moving away from anything he sees or hears. Approach with caution as this reptile knows how to bite! Activate the “Feed” button on the controller and he will track down the food signal. Once his appetite is satisfied, Roboreptile becomes more passive; this is the time to tame your beast by placing his hood over his eyes. While hooded, Roboreptile will become docile and subdued; remove the hood and you had better stay on your toes.

Using the direct control function, you can take command over Roboreptile. Have him perform multiple realistic actions such as snapping, running, jumping and whipping his tail. Enter the Program Mode, and program Roboreptile to perform a series of 20 different movements or animations. Place Roboreptile in guard mode, and he will protect your area from unwanted visitors. Standing on his hind legs, Roboreptile’s vision sensors and sonic sensors keep him alert. He will respond to a sound or movement by either letting out a big roar, or performing a pre-entered program.

Roboreptile is fully functional right out of the box. Equipped with volume control, all functions are handled by an easy-to-use remote control. Roboreptile is powered by 6 x AA batteries and the remote control is powered by 3 x AA batteries (both not included). Roboreptile is suitable for ages 8+.

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