June 18, 2006 General Motors’ Astra range is available across the world under different brand names which are comfortably familiar to the locals such as Ion (planned for U.S.), Opel (Europe), Vauxhall (UK) and Holden (Australia), yet benefit from the best of GM's worldwide design capability such as the TwinTop. One innovation certain to have all countries holding their breath will be the new UK-only-at-this-stage Vauxhall Astra Sport Hatch which is now available with a Panoramic windscreen. After an initial run on GTC models, the Panoramic roof will be available as an UKP850 (1250 Euro) option across the Astra Sport Hatch range. The windscreen is made of heat-absorbing glass and extends backwards past the driver’s head, to offer what GM claims is “an unusual yet stimulating driving experience, and a feeling of freedom from behind the wheel.” An electric blind can be slid forward should you crave some more shade. Extensive image section.

The UK’s Auto Express summed up the new windscreen in particularly glowing terms: "Words and photos cannot do it justice – it’s as if someone has removed a blindfold you never even knew was there!"

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