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Sound System in a Rocking Chair

Sound System in a Rocking Chair
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July 19, 2006 The rocking chair had its own entry in the Oxford English dictionary in 1787, so suffice to say that it’s not exactly something one traditionally associates with high technology, adrenalin, driving bass and acute awareness – but Ace Bayou's X Rocker II really caught our eye this week when the unique 21st century rocking chair with a built-in, high-quality 80 Watt sound system went on sale in Wal-Mart, signifying that it has become distinctly mainstream, perhaps moreso than its iconic wooden ancestor. The US$100 surround-sound chair connects to a variety of the most popular media devices including iPod, PSP, Xbox, DVD player and most home theatre systems, bringing a new level of media immersion to listening to music, playing games, or watching movies.

The X Rocker II allows customers to become immersed in the entertainment experience by incorporating high-quality sound into an innovative rocking-chair structure. The X Rocker II uses Audio Force Modulation (AFM), a unique sound-system technology designed specially for the chair. It incorporates vibration to deliver the complete audio experience for the customer. Using the open space inside the chair, this patent-pending technology amplifies sound, increases sound quality and enhances the user experience. The chair also features built-in speakers in its frame, which uses the AFM technology to intensify audio delivery.

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