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Rolling Stones European Tour uses new technology to enable fans to dial-in to concerts

Rolling Stones European Tour uses new technology to enable fans to dial-in to concerts
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July 28, 2006 The advent of satellite communications enabled live events to be telecast across the world and the logical time-critical, gotta-know events which were first offered were sporting contests – Grands Prix, football, cricket, tennis, golf, and so on. Now the mobile phone is inevitably taking over as the planet’s entertainment platform of choice, we’re about to see some seismic shifts in capability and a new one emerged this week. The Rolling Stones will offer audio access to their remaining European concerts by being the first act to utilize a new technology called Listen Live Now!. The band's 'A Bigger Bang' tour will become the first live concerts to be fee-cast beginning Friday, July 28 at the Rolling Stones' Paris show and continue through the band's Sept. 3 concert in Horsens, Denmark. Fans can tune in from any phone (mobile or land line) and listen live for a fee of US$1.99 per seven-minute feed direct from the soundboard. Under existing proprietary technology, up to one million fans will be able to listen in on selected concerts.

Listen Live Now! is a Los Angeles-based company formed to expand the experience of live performance beyond the immediate venue, offering a when-you-absolutely-have-to-be-there opportunity for fans craving participation in the live events of their favorite acts.

As Listen Live Now! events are scheduled, customers accessing the service's website will be provided with options of artists, venues and times to which they may dial a number initiating a seven minute feed of an event of choice. Opportunity to access concerts and instructions as to how to access specific concerts can be obtained on the internet at Fans can experience a free demo of the revolutionary new music experience by dialing (800) 741-3693. Cingular cell phone users are able to dial #106 to access Listen Live Now! options. Fans can also purchase access to concerts by calling in the U.S. 1-877-784-2777, outside the U.S. 1-760-438-0100, from 8AM to 5PM daily PDT.

Listen Live Now! currently has over 30 venues under contract and is in negotiation with other venues and major artists throughout the world. By visiting the website fans can indicate which acts they wish to hear on Listen Live Now! and to designate desired concerts as well.

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