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AccessKey Home brings all information services to one device

AccessKey Home brings all information services to one device
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October 18, 2006 Advanced Technetix has officially launched the first of its patented AccessKey-powered products. AccessKey Home was unveiled this past weekend at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair, and enables Cable, Telecom, Satellite and Broadband service providers to provide their subscribers with the ability to channel surf a variety of normally disparate mediums such as phone (VoIP), HD Quality IPtv, the internet, Video on Demand (VOD) offerings, video or internet-based games, music, video conferencing, run a full array of computing applications, and securely store data, all from one device, utilizing their existing networks. It consists of a set-top box, a wireless handheld remote, a matching wireless keyboard and wireless mouse. Service providers also have the option to include an integrated and removable AccessKey USB-drive dongle, which allows users to “take it mobile” and view subscription content from anywhere in the world using their laptop or any desktop computer with a broadband connection.

The fully customizable set-top box is flexible enough to run either Windows XP or Linux as the operating environment and runs at 1.5GHz, has 500MB high speed DDRAM, an 80GB Hard drive, S-Video, Composite Video and Stereo Audio outputs, a standard RJ45 network connection as well as two USB 2.0 ports to allow for full flexibility and optional hardware.

The AccessKey wireless client-definable handheld remote is fully programmable and can take the place of up to four I/R remotes so that users can consolidate the controls of their various entertainment system components into one remote. The superior programmable emulation technology inside the Company’s remote has been supplied and licensed from Universal Electronics.

George Stevens, Advanced Technetix’s Chief Executive Officer, commented, “The response we have received from the Hong Kong show is nothing short of stellar. We are thrilled to be going to market with what, we believe, is the most advanced offering of its kind in the world.” He continued, “Marketing and Sales operations have already begun, targeting individuals within regional, national and international cable, satellite, telecom and broadband service providers the world over who are looking to deploy converged service offerings, including IPtv, to their subscribers.”

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