October 19, 2006 There’s no reason to assume that we have a clear picture of what the future of mobility might look like, even just a few years down the track, and the all-new T3 MOTION is different enough to challenge the notion of what personal transport could become. It was unveiled at the International Association of Chiefs of Police, the body which is most likely to benefit by employing the new beastie. The T3 costs just 10 cents per day to run, charges from a wall outlet, has a top speed of 25 mph and depending on how much you spend on batteries, will have a range of between 15 miles and 75 miles. With a cost of US$6188 plus US$1800 for the long-range batteries, we see a huge market for these machines in everything from paper delivery to security – most significantly it rapidly improves response times because it is potentially so fast from point A to point B where cars can’t go – shopping malls, in lifts, down corridors, pedestrian environments, beaches, parks, historical sites. And as far as personal mobility goes, it’s reportedly very easy to drive and could enhance mobility for our aging population. It looks like a bunch of fun too.

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