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LG FUSIC – why isn’t this phone more popular?

LG FUSIC – why isn’t this phon...
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October 24, 2006 The LG FUSIC mobile phone has a distinctly musical bent – it delivers entertainment services at broadband-like speeds and looks, feels, and plays like a portable music player with the added ability of downloading full songs over-the-air, an FM transmitter for playing music through a radio or car stereo, Bluetooth Stereo support, and changeable faceplates for personalization of the phone. The bit that we can’t understand is why this phone isn’t more popular. The inbuilt Customers FM Transmitter offers stereo sound from MP3s stored on a microSD card through a radio or car stereo – the only mobile phone we’re aware of that does this without an accessory. Brilliant stuff!

View gallery - 5 images
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