The ColdHeat cordless, lightweight, portable and heated seat

The ColdHeat cordless, lightwe...
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November 17, 2006 Nothing detracts more from the spectacle of a sporting event more than exposing one's nether regions to excruciating cold (apart from getting beaten, of course). ColdHeat is best known for its Soldering Tools and Freestyle Cordless Glue Gun, but may well become a household name for non-handyman types with the release of the ColdHeat Cordless Heated Seat, a microprocessor-controlled system that will warm the seat to 115 degrees (Fahrenheit) in less than 60 seconds and extend the heat delivery for up to six hours. The seat weighs three pounds and comes with a handle, shoulder strap and rechargeable battery pack that provides up to 3,000 hours of use - roughly the equivalent of 60 pro football seasons.

The removable cover is anti-slip, water-resistant and easy to clean. Every seat comes with a standard 120-Volt charger cord that plugs into a standard wall outlet for easy recharging and there's an optional 12-Volt DC power adapter to replace the battery for extended use in a car, boat or recreational vehicle.

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