December 2, 2006 Tyre-giant Pirelli has purchased the patent for an innovative new tyre monitoring system from design and styling company Fioravanti. The acquisition of the rights to the Fioravanti patent for monitoring the tyre footprints of a motor vehicle and automatically optimizing the behaviour of the motor vehicle will fast-track Pirelli’s ability to deliver its much-anticipated CyberTyre product to market. CyberTyre is one of a number of new technological systems (including X-Pressure, Safety Wheel System, and CyberWheel) being created by Pirelli with the aim of making tyres ever-more intelligent and interactive. The CyberTyre system instantaneously measures and wirelessly transmits information about the forces regulating vehicle dynamics by way of miniaturised electronic sensors. The small Turin-based Fioravanti company is developing quite a reputation for innovation, having previously developed an ingenious rotating roof design for its 2001 Alfa Romeo LF concept car which was subsequently used by Ferrari in the 575 SuperAmerica.

CyberTyre is a Pirelli system consisting of a true tyre memory that uses the vehicle’s on-board computer to provide the driver with real time data regarding the operational status of the tyres. All the identifying information relating to the tyre, from its manufacture to its performance in diverse conditions, including deflated use in the case of Run Flat products, are transmitted to and recorded by the vehicle.

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