March 3, 2007 Innovative military engineering company Macroswiss has often made these pages, firstly for it Guncam which is a weapon-mounted camera that records video in firefights, grants accountability, helps training and avoids risky body exposure of the user. Then the company’s Spybot 4WD with flapper wheels made a huge impression at the European Land Robot Trials (ELROB) last July. Now the company has released the Advanced Combat Camera System (ACCS) which is an evolution of the highly successful Giraffe pole camera system. ACCS incorporates colour zoom, low light, and thermal sensors and can be deployed in a multitude of roles in support of combat units at fire team level, also providing an onboard Digital Video Recorder for intelligence and evidential applications. This “Camera On A Stick” (COAST) solution is basically a 21st century version of the World War 1 trench periscope, but with far wider roles, and significantly greater capability.

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