March 5, 2007 One of the most obvious trends in the development of personalised sporting vehicles in recent times has been the resurgence of quadricycles and an array of new takes on a very old theme – Henry Ford’s first vehicle was a quadricycle and the first mass-produced automobile, Karl Benz’ VELO which was first produced in 1984 and competed in the very first auto race was also essentially a quad. Quads get twice as much rubber on the road as a motorcycle, have a similarly excellent power-to-weight ratio and exude an air of fun which is very appealing. According to Polaris, research has shown that many of the ATVs currently sold in Europe are homologated for on-road use as quadricycles and that a market exists because virtually all of today’s rider active, street-legal, homologated quadricycles are off-road vehicles that have been adapted for on-road use. The Revolver Sport Quadricycle concept proposes a new solution – a purpose built vehicle designed to deliver good off-road performance combined with a new level of on-road capability. Powered by a lightweight 500cc liquid-cooled 4-valve engine, the Revolver debuted at the Paris Motorcycle Show in late 2005, and was reworked in its styling for the 2007 Michelin Design Challenge which was part of the 2007 North American International Auto Show in Detroit in January. Both times, it received rave reviews. Even the press releases from the company hint that it isn’t far away from a production announcement.

The design of the Polaris Revolver includes such appointments as supple Italian leather seating, low-profile “floating” fender designs, modular deep-dish alloy wheels and stunning “light ring” headlights. Every sculpted detail works in concert with one another to create a look and feel that reflects the unheard of experience and attitude this vehicle provides.

The two-seat Revolver is designed to deliver an awesome new riding experience with looks that give it a distinctive urban edginess and a sharp, aggressive attitude.

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