Hotjugz portable hot shower

Hotjugz portable hot shower
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March 8, 2007 Simple and effective and incredibly useful. The US$60 HOT JUGZ portable shower offers a hot, long-lasting, portable shower. As it uses human power, it can be operated anywhere, and because it weighs just 4lb, it’s easy to get it there. Hot Jugz Showers will run for over two minutes on just 15-20 pumps and with over two gallons capacity, the shower can last up to 16 minutes. The idea is that you fill up the insulated jug with hot water and it will remain warm for extended periods of time (six hours for the Commando unit and four hours for the cheaper US$50 unit). This makes it ideal for sports, camping, hunting, giving the dog a wash before it gets in the car and will even serve as a car or boat wash. It’s a kinda cool and very useful promotional item to boot, as they can be ordered in a variety of colours with your company's logo. Via Gizmodo

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