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Sportkat’s Korebalance balances mind and body

Sportkat’s Korebalance balance...
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April 12, 2007 Korebalance, the latest exercise machine from Sportkat, is different from other fitness equipment – it exercises the brain as well as the body. Korebalance includes a 17 inch touch screen monitor, supported by the Linux operating system, that runs 3D software games as you exercise. Lee Samango, Chief Executive Officer of Sportkat, says “This product forces users to employ their vision, the body and brain. Your brain acts like the rest of your muscles—it can get stronger, make new ways (or find different ways) of doing the same task...Korebalance radically improves muscle and mental agility to increase athletic performance.”

The physical aspect of Korebalance is governed by a patented pneumatic pressure system, which has a 360º range of motion and a 12º tilt range. Sportkat assures that the surface can be adjusted to suit any user’s height, weight and ability.

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