May 10, 2007 We love this design concept from Spanish design team Ubica. The A0 is a powered catamaran with vast amounts of luxurious living space in the two side floaters, a maximum speed of 50 knots and an estimated power output of around 2740 kilowatts from a hybrid biodiesel turbine/electric powerplant.

Fast and powerful, with no compromises in luxury, the A0 looks the business as a lifestyle cruiser, it's sporty, elegant and very modern. The central body is the daytime zone, and it has a high bridge with sport seats for all the passengers, a flexible hall with folding table and sofas that hide away and, placed below and rearwards, a modern kitchen that is opened to the rear deck.

The high rearward bridge cockpit provides broad visibility and a commanding view to the captain, and the large side floaters house a luxury master bedroom unit and guest rooms. The guest rooms are in the opposite floater for privacy at night, motion of the ocean being what it is.

Two engine options are anticipated; There are two engine options. The more conservative will use four Volvo Penta D12-800s with a maximum total power of 2200 kw.

Ubica is focusing its attention more on a hybrid motor option that will offer a few cool cockpit button options like silent mode, burst mode, and emergency mode. The hybrid will use four bio-diesel compatible gas turbines (Honeywell LTS-101 600A 3A) combined with four AC-Propulsion Ac-150 EV Power System with an estimated overall power output of 2740kw. With this configuration the ship will be lighter and more powerful than with the diesel Volvos, but well and truly more expensive.

The hybrid's target full speed at 1/3 of load will be 50 knots (using the gas turbines and the electric motors at the same time) for a short period of time. The quick cruising speed will be about 40 knots (4 turbines) and medium cruising speed could be around 30 knots (using only 2 turbines). Silent mode will sneak through the waves using only the electric motors at a stealthy 10 knots, but it's hard to imagine this beast going unnoticed, silent or not.

In charming Spanglish, Ubica claims "The target owner is a person with a sense for elegance, while wants to be innovative and different in its lifestyle, and often seeks custom made solutions. This person enjoys speed and power feelings, but at the same time wants the maximum security and control sensation. He or she would be selective and demanding so the ship uses noble and high quality materials like aluminium, carbon fibres or high quality leather."

It's Ubica's first full design from scratch, and we're sold. Can we have a ride when you get it built, gentlemen?

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