May 29, 2007 Irritating buzzing sounds in your car interior can be exceptionally annoying, and finding them is nearly impossible with the car stopped. Enter the Rattlebuster, a UKP10 CD that plays vibration-inducing tones through your car stereo. Mimicing several different road travel frequencies for 4 minutes at a time, the Rattlebuster lets you track down loose bits and pieces once and for all, with your car stopped.

Many factors can cause an annoying interior rattle or vibration. Loose interior trim, grommets, screws, trim-clips, tie-clips, poorly-fitted after-market accessories: satellite navigation systems, hands-free phone kits, iPod audio adapter kits, tracker devices and so on, are all common offenders.

RattleBuster offers an affordable and easy-to-use solution to this problem. It takes the form of an audio CD comprised of five digital "Power-Tones" (each four minutes in length) developed in a professional studio.

Each tone mimics a different type of road vibration and is played in a stationary vehicle with the engine off. The driver is then free to move around the vehicle enabling them to listen for and pin-point the rattle, vibration or dashboard buzz.

By altering the exact amount of vibration generated, using the bass, volume and fade controls on the CD player, the vibration can be induced and located, allowing the motorist to take either steps to fix the problem themselves or be able to easily reproduce the rattle to the supplying car dealer in order to fix.

Simple and reportedly very effective... We like it!