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New Human Powered Vehicle records on land and water

New Human Powered Vehicle records on land and water
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It’s been a good few weeks for Human Powered Vehicle fans with Sam Whittingham reclaiming the fastest human record from Fast Freddy Markham by pedalling 53.917 miles in an hour and then Greg Kolodziejzyk setting a new human powered boat record for 24 hours, pedalling 173.76 km. Both are experienced campaigners with Sam now again holding the HPV top speed (an unbelievable 81 mph) record and the endurance (one hour record) the current world HPV record holder for both top speed, at 81mph, and endurance: 53.917 miles covered in 1 hour. For Kolodziejzyk, who set the 24 hour land HPV record at 1046.94 km (650.538 miles) last year, it’s just the start of a new adventure as he begins to prepare for a human powered transatlantic crossing in 2008. If 24 hours is an endurance record, what category does the anticipated 40 day crossing fit into?

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