July 4, 2007 A new mega-sized inkjet printer went on show at SHANGHAI AD & Sign 2007 in China yesterday when NUR Macroprinters showed its advanced NUR Expedio Revolution which prints images up to five meters (16.6ft) wide, enabling it to print billboards in a single pass. Apart from its impressive size, the Expedio Revolution offers unsurpassed printing speed at 300 sq.m (3,200 sq.ft) per hour and can be configured for high quality double-sided printing at 90 sq.m /hr. But wait, there’s more – so that it doesn’t sit idle when there are no billboards to print, it’s capable of multi-roll printing on three rolls simultaneously allowing users to print different files on each roll, reducing costly substrate waste. As there’s effectively no limit to the length of each print, this baby can print an image 5 meters tall and 60 metres long - in an hour. Just the thing for gift wrapping houses.

It’s really all about productivity and flexibility in the printing industry, so the Expedio Revolution’s strength is enabling print houses to produce and sell more jobs faster than ever before.

The Revolution opens the door to increased profitability with its unmatched printing speeds and an ink coverage of 180 sq.m (1,940 sq.ft) /liter, making it very cost effective to print with UV inks.

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