June 10, 2007 Significantly increased torque and horsepower for almost any petrol vehicle, exceptional fuel economy benefits, a five minute screw-in installation process, no decrease in longevity or reliability and a miserly US$25 per unit price. These may sound like outrageous claims, but Pulstar are confident their "pulse plugs" are the next step in the evolution of the spark plug. Pulse plugs use a pulse cycle to draw the same amount of power as a normal spark plug, store it and release it at about 20,000 times the wattage. The fuel in your cylinders burns much more quickly and completely, creating extra cylinder pressure and resulting in more horsepower and torque for each revolution, not to mention wasting much less fuel in the process. They screw right in where your old plugs came out, and require no further modification. As a performance mod, they deliver more horsepower for your buck than just about any alternative - and their increased economy should see them paying for themselves within 12 months. Fantastic stuff!

Pulstar is a new ignition technology that looks and fits into vehicles like spark plugs, but is 20,000 times more powerful, improving both fuel economy and performance in almost any type of vehicle.

"We originally targeted Pulstar to the automotive performance market, but with the high price of gasoline and Pulstar's ability to improve fuel economy, we expect a significant percentage of our customers to be those who are concerned about fuel costs," said Parker. Pulstar Pulse Plugs are currently available for purchase online and in August will be available at select automotive parts stores in the Los Angeles market.

Pulstar’s difference lies in its built-in pulse circuit, which stores the ignition's electrical power and then discharges it in an intense plasma ball. In fact, spark plugs can be compared to the low-power output of a flashlight, while pulse plugs generate intense power like the brightness emitted from a camera's flash.

The US$25 pulse plugs last around as long as a standard spark plug - about 50,000 miles - and fit straight into any ordinary engine with no adverse side effects or other modifications required, making them about the easiest, quickest and cheapest way to make a performance modification to your vehicle.

Independent testing yielded impressive results - fuel economy improved between 2.2% and 10%, 0-60mph times improved between 5% and 10%, and torque improvements were between 3.8% and 11.2% across a range of different test vehicles when compared against brand new spark plugs of the conventional type.

The revolutionary plugs will work with most other aftermarket performance accessories, and have no adverse effects in terms of heat buildup, cylinder damage or electrical interference with the vehicle's inbuilt computers.

The potential market for the product is huge with spark plugs selling at an estimated rate of at 1.5 billion units per year. We can't wait to get our hands on a set!