The $2 million DiMora Natalia

The $2 million DiMora Natalia
DiMora Natalia supercar
DiMora Natalia supercar
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DiMora Natalia supercar
DiMora Natalia supercar
Alfred J. DiMora with the Clenet Series IV Sportster that he designed and produced at Clenet Coachworks
Alfred J. DiMora with the Clenet Series IV Sportster that he designed and produced at Clenet Coachworks
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August 27, 2007 In an age of conspicuous consumption, DiMora MotorCar (DMC) have set themselves a clear target in the creation of their US$2 million Natalia sports luxury sedan: to be “the world’s most luxurious, expensive and technologically advanced creation.” So how does one go about specifying a production car when the aim is to have it all? For starters there’s the variable-cylinder, 1200 hp aluminum V16 engine, add lightweight design borrowing from aerospace composites and structures, more than 50 onboard computer systems, four wheel steering and massage seats for rear passengers and you are beginning to get the idea.

DiMora Motorcar V16 Volcano Engine

The engine should almost be beefy enough to do the trick: 14.0 litres of V16 grunt are expected to pump out over 1200 horsepower, which will come in handy if you have to tow a trailer, caravan or small block of flats. Variable cylinder technology will deliver excellent gas mileage when cruising.

Aerospace Body Construction

The chassis and body will use “advanced aerospace materials and construction techniques to give superior strength at a weight easily 1,500 pounds less than luxury vehicles its same size.” This will aid frugal Natalia buyers in squeezing a few extra miles out of a gallon.

Variable Suspension

While details on the ‘variable suspension system’ are scant, DMC claim it “will provide a smoother ride than in any luxury sedan with the performance characteristics of the finest sports cars.”

Colour-changing Paint

As an optional extra, the Natalia will use revolutionary paint technology that lets the car change from black or blue when it's cool outside to white when it's hot.


The Natalia will be the first production automobile to use a patented new design and material technology for its bumpers. Low speed impacts will result in minimal damage beyond a paint scratch. At higher speeds, the bumper will perform its most important function: minimizing harm to the passengers.

Vision Enhancement

The Natalia will incorporate night vision into the head-up windshield display. Additionally, external cameras throughout the automobile will feed the head-up display to eliminate all blind spots.

Video Projection Headlights

The headlights will house small video screens and a video projector, so you can entertain any stunned deer on the road with movies from the automobile's DVD player, satellite TV broadcasts, live video coming from any of the automobile's cameras, or a professional video about the Natalia and DMC’s corporate sponsors. Customers demand to be able to see movies on the back doors of semi-trailers when they’re stuck in traffic, DMC listens.

Next-generation Lighting Systems

The Natalia will make use of sophisticated LED and fiber-optic lighting inside and out to give effects that are “normally reserved for Hollywood productions.” Among its many uses, lighting will be adjusted through the biofeedback system to help keep the driver alert.

Handicapped-assisting Front Passenger Seat

The front passenger seat will glide forward, rotate 90 degrees, and transport the passenger to the sidewalk or a wheelchair.

NASA Foam Technology

Driver and passenger derrieres will be pampered with space-age NASA foam technology combined with a newly-created gel lining and covered with leather for "unparalleled interior comfort."

115v or 230v AC Outlets

No cigarette-lighter adaptors here! The Natalia will feature normal electrical outlets to plug in your electrical devices.

Retractable TV Screens and Bar

Back-seat drivers will be entertained into silence with remote-controlled, retractable TV screens and a bar. The large-screen TVs will use directed-sound technology so each person can watch a different channel without the sound disturbing others - without the use of headphones.

Thermally-controlled Cup Holders

Beverage holders are naturally included, and in this case with the ability to keep your drinks hot or cold at the touch of a switch. A fiber-optic ring will glow dimly, either red or blue, as it heats or cools the drink.

Luxury Interior

  • Computerized rear seat massage
  • Italian walnut, hand-inlaid burlwood dash
  • English wool carpeting and lamb's wool mats
  • Lighted Waterford crystal ashtrays
  • Self-uncorking branded wine bottles

More than 60 Onboard Computer Systems

In addition to engine management computers and an in-built exhaust gas analysis system, the Natalia will feature “at least two” Azentech Atlas dashboard PCs, featuring gigabytes of memory, multi-core processors and at least a terabyte of storage. Windows Vista will be installed as standard.

According to founder and CEO, Alfred J. DiMora, "The goal for the Natalia is to be completely distinctive from bumper to bumper—the most powerful four-door sport luxury automobile in transportation history. The Natalia will set the standard for 21st Century automotive excellence."

The first prototype Natalia SLS 2 is scheduled for completion in mid-2009, followed by the worldwide debut in Beverly Hills, California. The automobile will then be exhibited in Palm Springs for the public to view, followed by showings at major auto shows around the world.

Buyers, as well as other interested parties, will be able to watch the production of the Natalia take place through a network of Web cams and television specials that the company expects to be a “media event of unprecedented proportions.” Well, the target price is certainly “of unprecedented proportions,” at least for a production car. We look forward to seeing it in the flesh, and perhaps moreso, to learning who decides to buy one.

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