September 10, 2007 It’s a sinking feeling – literally. You’re busy pulling in the first catch of the day and your sunglasses get caught up in the action, hit the water and sink serenely to a watery grave - never to be seen again. This invention gives a far better chance of retrieval - specialty sunglasses that are designed to float.

FishGillz range of sunglasses provide 100% UVA/UVB protection and are polarized to fight off-the-water glare during aquatic activities, reduce eye fatigue and increase your ability to see beneath the water's surface.

Designed for more extreme water-sports such as sailing and windsurfing as well as boating, the lightweight (half an ounce), wrap-around sunglasses feature salt-water fade resistant frames and front-loading lenses that will not be forced back onto your eyes in the event of impact.

The floating sunnies are priced between US$39 and US$49 and are available in eight different styles via

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