September 12, 2007 Inwindow Outdoor has launched a large-format interactive video projection platform for retail storefront outdoor advertising. The new product utilizes larger than life images linked to sophisticated motion detecting Human Locator technology to allow displays to interact with passersby.

The interactive video projection platform was designed to complement traditional, static imaging technology created by Inwindow. According to Steve Birnhak, CEO of Inwindow Outdoor, the idea came from customer demand and the need to incorporate interactivity into outdoor advertising. "Increasingly our customers have been asking for digital interactivity and along with our Bluetooth and audio capabilities, the addition of this product allows us to satisfy all their needs. It’s a great solution because the billboard-sized Storescape at eye level grabs people and the interactive video component draws them in even farther," he said.

The Storescape utilizes customized artwork to blanket the entire storefront with larger than life images. Now with the Human Locator technology it has the ability to interact with the public. But developing the technology hasn’t been all plain sailing. Ambient light from the sun makes viewing video difficult during day time. “It can easily wash out images and cause motion sensors to malfunction. We spent a tremendous amount of time researching all of the technology presently available and believe we’ve found the solution that not only looks the best and functions reliably during the day, but also is extremely affordable for our clients," said Birnhak.

Inwindow Outdoor announced the launch of the new product in conjunction with lingerie tycoon and super model, Elle Macpherson, to coincide with New York Fashion week. The first public trial of this new technology is now on display on Sixth Avenue in Manhattan. Pedestrians walking past the storefront will see two life-sized displays that precisely respond to human movement. The current display is a video of a reclining woman in lingerie that is revealed only when a passerby makes gestures to wipe away a virtual black curtain.

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