September 13, 2007 The phrase "portable music player" has been seriously redefined over the last decade and the tiny Microkey is further proof of just how far we've come. One of the smallest MP3 players we've encountered, the device was displayed at the recent IFA in Berlin by Swiss electronics company Zicplay. The Microkey MP3/WMA player provides up to 1GB of storage space and measures just 43mm long and 15mm wide.

Promoted as the smallest MP3 player currently available, the 18 gram (including battery) Zicplay Microkey has a rechargeable lithium battery, which provides about 6 hours of listening time and is powered via a USB 2.0 connection. Compatible with any operating system released after Windows 98, the Microkey can play MP3 or WAV files and doubles as a Flash data storage device. As an advanced feature the Microkey also has touch screen interface capabilities.

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