October 1, 2007 Cleaning the gutters is an unloved yet necessary - even dangerous - household chore that is inevitably given the lowest priority until gutters are clogged and overflowing with leaves. The latest offering from home robotics specialists iRobot uses remote control to solve the problem – the Looj blasts out debris and brushes gutters clean while your feet remain firmly planted on the ground.

Using the iRobot Looj you can substantially reduce any to risk your own safety by avoiding the need to climb and reposition the ladder multiple times. It works by the user placing the ladder in one secure position then carrying the Looj into position using the included belt clip for added safety. The detachable handle/remote is then removed allowing the user to drive the robot back and forth along the gutter from ground level as it works to blast out debris, sludge and brush your gutters clean.

Gutter maintenance is important to avoid water damage and for people in bushfire prone areas it is also imperative as part of ongoing fire prevention during the summer. The Looj works with standard K-style, aluminum, copper, metal or vinyl gutters and can clean a 60-foot section of gutter in just 10 minutes. It helps to avoid over reaching thereby reducing the risk of ladder falls.

The iRobot Looj comes is three different models. The basic gutter cleaning 120 model retails for US$99.99 and offers cleaning features and a belt clip. The 130 model (US$129.99) has the basic features plus a holster for hands-free transport and the premium 150 model (US$169.99) includes the holster and an extra battery pack with an additional 3-stage auger.

iRobot is responsible for a number of other nifty bots including a next generation explosive ordnance disposal robot. On the domestic front, the company recently released a new range of Roomba vacuum robots.

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