October 24, 2007 Extreme sports instrument specialist Suunto has added the Suunto Core to its range of outdoor wristop computers. Billed as the “total timepiece for the hardcore outdoor enthusiast” the new ABC (altimeter, barometer, and compass) wristop includes a storm alarm, altimeter, barometer, digital thermometer, weather trend indicator and digital compass as well as a newly added depth meter, sunrise and sunset timer and a menu in four languages.

The Suunto Core altimeter is accurate to 32,760 feet (10,000 meters), and displays current elevation as well as elevation gained and lost and records sessions for review. The pressure gauge operates in four distinct modes, including an automatic setting that senses your movement or lack thereof, switching between altimeter and barometer accordingly. The barometer measures and records air pressure and displays a graphic weather trend with the ability to predict incoming weather further enhanced by the in-built Storm Alarm (particularly useful for hikers and climbers) that’s activated by a rapid drop in air pressure over a three-hour period.

The compass features a rotating bezel for traditional use, or a one-touch function that allows you to sight, lock and follow a bearing.

Underwater the buttons remain usable and the device provides depth measurement to 30 ft (10m) with water resistance continuing to a depth of 30 m/100 ft.

Daily functions include dual time, date, alarm, sports chronograph and predicted times for sunrise and sunset.

The US$350 Suunto Core comes in a range of face colors including yellow, black, orange, green and stainless steel and wristband options in different colours and materials.

Suunto have been around since 1936 and is the world’s biggest compass manufacturer. In addition to making instruments for adrenalin-fueled outdoor activities like diving, mountaineering, hiking, skiing and mountain biking, the company also produce an innovative golf watch which measures and processes data such as shot distance and score.

Suunto recently gained a publicity boost when mountaineering brothers Alexander and Thomas Huber broke the world record for scaling the Nose of El Capitan in Yosemite National Park wearing Suunto Core wristops.

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