October 29, 2007 Since the adoption of the wargame simulation known as Kriegsspiel by Prussian troops in 1824, war simulation has been greatly valued as both a training mechanism for soldiers and a method for evaluating battlefield tactics. Today, armed forces seek sophisticated war simulations in computer generated virtual battlefields and the latest news in this arena comes from firearms and training systems specialist Laser Shot Incorporated. The company has collaborated with Bohemia Interactive to deliver a Personal Weapon Simulation version of Virtual Battlespace Two (VBS2) software, which includes precise laser and live-fire hit detection, multiple shooter hit detection, camera field-of-view vehicle attachments and After Action Review integration.

Sophisticated 3D technology, based on a gaming engine, allows Virtual Battlespace users to create land, sea and air military scenarios of up to 100 x 100 kilometers in size and with a level of detail that includes buildings, vegetation, accurate sun angles, weather patterns and celestial objects. Once a scenario is rendered, users can explore a range of options including arms training, mission rehearsal, area control, and navigation. The program is networked, allowing up to 100 users to participate in a scenario.

VBS1 and VBS2 software has been adopted by the United States Marine Corps, Army Special Forces Command, Coast Guard, National Guard and Secret Service, as well as the Armed Forces of the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Israel, the Netherlands and New Zealand. The program was also used to train an Australian Task Group before its deployment to Iraq in 2005 – the software accurately rendered the town of As Samawah, and a 50 square kilometers area of terrain. The versatility of the scenario editor makes it a useful tool for law enforcement, first responder operatives and homeland defense.

Images featured in the gallery show VBS2 PWS applied in conjunction with Laser Shot's boat gunnery trainer, vehicular gunnery trainer, and Military Skills Engagement Trainer (MSET).

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