October 30, 2007 U.S. telco provider T-Mobile has released the first in a new line of phones designed to provide a playful, easier and richer way to stay in touch with family and friends. In a market that is increasingly flooded with ever more complicated multi-functional devices it is refreshing to see a phone that strives for simplicity at its core.

The ‘Shadow’ line of phones focuses on calling, messaging and picture sharing capabilities but also incorporates web browsing functionality. “We’re calling the new line of devices ‘Shadow’ because they’re designed to help people stay effortlessly connected with those who are closest to them – the people you would choose to have with you all the time if possible – the people you love checking in with during a hectic day or to share special news,” said Robert Dotson, president and CEO, T-Mobile USA.

The Shadow is not designed as a business productivity tool, rather it is a device aimed at those who have lives beyond work and want to keep their professional and personal communication tools separate. A simple user interface (integrated with the Microsoft Windows Mobile 6 platform) adds to the combination of form and function. The design goal is to strip out the complexity of traditional multi-function phones – so people don’t have to wrestle with technology – and make it more intuitive for customers to explore and try new ways to communicate.

T-Mobile recently also recently announced a new version in its Sidekick family of devices designed to simplify calling, texting and instant messaging.

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