November 1, 2007 It’s 6am, dark, the alarm is buzzing and you can’t find the snooze button. If that’s your worst nightmare then perhaps this rather novel clock and weather station from the Sharper Image is the solution.

The USD$119.95 Waterdrop Weather Station offers hands-free snooze activation by waving your hand within three inches of the device. It then turns off the alarm clock and activates a five-minute snooze function and keeps the screen lit illuminated for five seconds so you can check the time if you’re able to peel your eyes open. The clock features U.S. Atomic time and date with the alarm clock setting.

The primary function of the clock is to provide weather advice displayed on the LCD screen. Services include weather forecast icons with a color code; temperature (F°/C° indoor/outdoor); humidity (25% - 95%); maximum temperature and humidity; barometric pressure (24-hour); and moon phase. Designed to sit on a bench-top or mount on a wall, the unit includes an outdoor sensor with a 433MHz transmitter for a super-long transmission range of up to 246 feet. The user friendly display is large enough to be viewed from the across a room and has a changeable backlight with three different options, as well as illuminated digits for easy nighttime viewing.