It's always nice if you can get away with just taking a carry-on bag when travelling by air – you avoid waiting around at the baggage carousel, you don't pay any extra fees, and you don't risk losing your luggage. Getting a whole trip's worth of clothes in a carry-on-sized bag can be a challenge, though … which is why the GoBag backpack was created.

The pack features an airtight dry bag that can be inserted into the main compartment, with your clothes inside of it. The air is then removed from that bag either by hand or using a vacuum cleaner, literally vacuum-packing your clothes so that they take up much less space.

It has some other features that make it handy for air travel, as well.

One of these is a removable pouch that's designed to carry your gels and liquids, so they can easily be taken out when going through security. That pouch is sealable, so if there are any shampoo or toothpaste eruptions, the mess will be contained.

There's also a compartment in the top for storing items that need to be accessed frequently, a "secret" pocket that sits against your back (for things like travellers' cheques), stowable shoulder straps, cinch straps with magnetic quick-release buckles, and a main zipper that goes all the way around, so you can open it from the top or from either side.

Of course there are also the usual more-or-less standard features, such as a padded laptop sleeve, hard-wearing base material, and two water bottle holders.

Should you be interested, the GoBag backpack is currently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign. A pledge of US$179 is required to get one, assuming it reaches production. The planned retail price is $238.

Source: Kickstarter

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