For amateur fishermen, there's nothing like getting out of town and casting a line. But it can be tough to find space for your own boat if you live in an urban area, and not everyone is able to hitch up a trailer whenever the urge strikes them. GoBoat aims to solve these problems with a stable fishing boat that collapses to save space.

The boat is made up of an integrated floor, seat and motor mounting unit, which attaches to an inflatable ring. When it's not in use, the ring deflates and the floor folds up, making it small enough to fit into an average hatchback. At 15 lb (7 kg), it's also light enough for most people to lift without trouble.

When it comes time to cast a line, it's simply a matter of using the included pump to inflate the rubber tube and attaching it to the other components.

According to its creators, the design has been honed over 8 years and is stable enough for fishermen to stand up without worrying about taking a tumble. If you're in the mood for a bit of on-water chaos, the boat's ringed design also means it can be used as a kind of dodgem or bumper boat.

Unfortunately, the package on Kickstarter doesn't include a motor, so you'll need to account for the weight and cost of a transom mounted trolling motor. We decided that, if it were us, we'd ignore the little trolling motors you'd find in a Dick's Sporting Goods store and try and attach the motors from, say, the Mercedes Arrow460.

Now that would be a collapsible boat fit for 007...

Currently, the project has raised US$61,042 of its $338,000 goal with 29 days remaining. Pledges range from $5 to $9,950, and you'll need $250 to reserve an early bird GoBoat. If everything goes to plan, the boat will retail for $499, not including the cost of a motor.

A video from GoBoat creator Dave Yonce is below.

Source: The GoBoat

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