While many people prefer to ride in a motorized cart when they're golfing, not all golf courses have such vehicles … and bringing one's own full-size cart isn't really an option. Well, that's where the GoCaddy comes in. Billed as "the world's lightest and most versatile personal golf cart," it incorporates an existing GoPed folding electric scooter.

If users wish, they can just use the scooter on its own. For the full cart experience, however, they'll want to add on the included set of outrigger wheels, folding padded seat, and golf bag rack. They can then sit back and motor along at speeds of up to 20 mph (32 km/h).

Depending on the model chosen, power is provided by either a 24- or 32-Ah lithium-ion battery pack. A full charge takes about three hours using the included external charger (there's also a built-in charger), and reportedly should be more than enough for completing 18 holes when running in sub-20-mph Econo mode.

It's additionally possible to get off and use the GoCaddy as a power-assist pull-cart. This is done simply by folding the handlebar forward and gently pressing the throttle. When it's time to leave the course, the cart can be disassembled, folded up and put in the trunk of a car. The whole thing weighs in at 65 lb (29 kg).

Other features include front and rear cantilevered suspension on the scooter section, dual disc brakes, and pneumatic tires.

GoCaddy International president Alex Husain tells us that although the company is currently seeking investor capital for a full production run, units are now being sold to individual customers. Prices range from US$3,120 for the base model to $4,445 for the most powerful version. Potential buyers who don't mind standing while they ride might also want to check out the GolfBoard or Golf Skate Caddy.

The GoCaddy can be seen in action, in the video below.

Source: GoCaddy

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