Some of the simplest household tasks are also the most annoying, and draining the juices from canned goods is definitely on the list. You can either use the newly removed lid, which risks you cutting your hand to pieces, your fingers, which leaves you with sticky digits, or a full size colander, which just adds another bulky item to the washing-up. The GoCan Drainer offers a neater solution.

Jim Costello, an industrial designer with 100 products under his belt, created the GoCan Drainer with a view to simplifying this common household task. The GoCan is simply a small, slightly concave colander which comes in different sizes that fit snugly into the interior of a can. Once clipped to the rim of the can the liquid contents can be poured out into a bowl or sink using just one hand.

Costello is looking to raise US$29,000 on Crowd Supply and use the funds to pay for the injection molds and get the first production run underway.

A pledge of $25 gets you a set that consists of one GoCan Drainer to fit (regular) 15oz cans and one to fit both (small) 5oz cans and (large) 27oz cans. Costello is hoping to ship the finished product to backers in February 2014.

The video below shows the GoCan Drainer in action.

Source: Crowd Supply

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