Depending on what you're filming, it can often be difficult to reach over to your GoPro to start and stop recording. That's why many users turn to the GoPro smartphone app, or the wrist-mounted wireless remote. However, using those things still requires you to have at least one hand free. The GoHawk goes for truly hands-free shooting, by letting you control the camera with your mouth.

The device takes the form of an expansion module which plugs into the back of a GoPro Hero 4.

Powered by the camera's battery, it has three ports – one for a hard-wired bendable LED record light, one for a third-party USB battery pack or AC adapter (should you choose to use one), and one for a hard-wired record switch. That switch can take the form of either a bite switch, a tongue switch, or a handlebar-mounted push button.

When using the GoHawk, you mount the LED indicator somewhere where it will be easily visible, such as the visor of a helmet. It will glow blue while the camera is in standby, turning to a slowly flashing red when recording video.

Needless to say, to start and stop recording that video, you just bite down, push with with your tongue, or press down with your thumb. You can simply still use the camera's button controls, too.

The GoHawk is currently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign, where a pledge of US$170 will get you a kit with your choice of a bite switch or tongue switch – the thumb switch package is $131. If all goes according to plan, shipping should begin in September.

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