Google has launched a collection of prescription frames for Google Glass. The Titanium Collection includes four titanium frames and two new styles of twist-on shades from which to choose.

Naturally, Google has tried to cover all bases, saying that the frames will suit "whoever you are," but the for now the options remain fairly limited. That said, the fashion styles on offers have clean and simple designs, and an Active style is also available for those wanting to use their Glass whilst doing exercise or sporty activities.

Notably, the frames make Glass look a little less conspicuous, which may go some way to allaying potential concerns about feeling self-conscious when wearing Glass. "It changes the psychology of Glass," Steve Lee, Product Director for Glass, was reported as saying. "I get a lot less attention in public."

The Titanium Collection will be available for Glass Explorers from tomorrow, and will reportedly cost US$225 over and above the $1,500 cost of Glass itself.

You can see what's on offer in the video below.

Source: Google

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