Following the launch earlier this week of a collection of frames for Glass, Google has launched the first handful of games for the device. In total, five simple mini games have been released that make use of its smartglass features.

Tennis employs the player's head a racket. The onboard gyroscope and accelerometer are used to control the game as the player tilts their head. Balance is also based on head movements, requiring the player to keep a pile of shapes from toppling over.

In Clay Shooter, players call, "Pull!" and Glass uses the device's accelerometer, along with some programmed physics, to help determine the flight of a clay pigeon. The player is then required to get the pigeon in their sights and shoot it out of the sky by saying, "Bang!"

Shape Splitter is a Fruit Ninja-esque game that requires players to slice through flying objects with their hands, and Matcher is a memory and concentration game based a classic card-matching game. It uses Glass' gyroscope and accelerometer to follow the position of the player’s head.

Google says the games experiment with the features of Glass and demonstrate some of the possibilities for gaming with the device. It says they are aimed at inspiring developers to create more apps that take advantage of the device's capabilities.

The video below shows some of the games being played.

Source: Google

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