Google Maps is getting better all the time, and today its utility expands even further with a new feature built specifically to help wheelchair users better navigate public transit routes.

The many stairs and escalators found at train and bus stations mean navigating these transport hubs isn't always easy, much less so for people who use wheelchairs. While many of these places will have access ramps installed for such users, being able to map out a clear route before leaving the home will leave less to chance and make general mobility a lot less of a headache.

Users can find wheelchair accessible routes in Google Maps by punching in their destination, hitting the "Options" button and then checking the "Wheelchair accessible" toggle. Google Maps then returns routes that take users through transit centers properly equipped for their mobility needs.

As Google points out, this feature could be handy for not just wheelchair users, but anyone with limited mobility, be it due to injury, age or a baby stroller. Starting today, it will be available in London, New York, Tokyo, Mexico City, Boston and Sydney, but Google says it is continuing to work with transit agencies to bring more and more routes into the mix.

You can check out the promo below.

Source: Google

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