GoPro has provided the first glimpse of what video shot by its long-awaited drone will look like. In a short clip released today, the company presents a series of tracking shots of the countryside and forest, intended to show off the stablization and image quality of its forthcoming quadcopter.

There had been whispers of the action-cam specialist leaping into the drone market for some time, and CEO Nick Woodman confirmed these rumors earlier this year. However, he has so far held details on things like the cost, design and specs of the device close to his chest.

The freshly uploaded video therefore gives us the first taste of what exactly the GoPro team is brewing up. Shot with an advanced prototype of its quadcopter sporting a stabilization system wielding its Hero4 action cam, the footage shown is certainly sharp when viewed at 1440p, and is impressively steady as it flies through the forest and across open fields.

A number of popular consumer drones can already carry the Hero4 action cam, not least of all the Phantom 2 and 3DR Solo, so it will be interesting to see how GoPro seeks to differentiate itself from the competition. Will its stabilization setup take things to the next level? Will it severely undercut the price of other consumer drones? Maybe it will feature some crazy folding mechanism for easier travel? Or perhaps nothing at all?

The GoPro drone is expected to land in the first half of 2016, so all will be revealed in time. The first sneak peek of what it can do can be viewed below.

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