When GoPro recalled its Karma drone back in November after some began falling from the sky, few would have guessed that it would be back in action so soon. But the actioncam company has moved swiftly to patch up its debut aircraft, with the Karma drone now available again for purchase again through the GoPro site.

Karma was pulled from the market within a few weeks of its release due to power failures that brought some of them crashing to the ground. Last month, GoPro announced that it had traced the problem to a mechanical issue affecting how the battery was secured, and that it was carrying out testing and looking to relaunch later in the year.

It seems things have gone a little better than expected, with GoPro placing the Karma drone back on sale through its website and a few select US retailers. It says a redesigned battery latch has been built into the upgraded version to fix the power failure issue.

Pricing hasn't changed, with the Karma and a GoPro Hero5 camera together carrying a price tag of US$1,100, while the drone alone costs $800. There is a new option, however, for those who purchased the Karma Grip.

This film-making tool is a handheld stabilizer for GoPro cameras that shipped with the original Karma, but the company made it available separately as a standalone product in December. For those that took the plunge, a "Flight Kit" needed to get Karma Grip owners flying will be available in April. Karma is on sale now at GoPro's website and selected US retailers, with international shipping to kick off in the springtime (US).

Source: GoPro

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