Gorillapod goes magnetic

Gorillapod goes magnetic
Gorillapod goes magnetic
Gorillapod goes magnetic
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Gorillapod goes magnetic
Gorillapod goes magnetic

Gorillapod's camera tripods have become a common sight since they were released a few years back and there's a good reason for that - it's a great idea. Now Gorillapod designer Joby has announced a new addition to the range - the Gorillapod Magnetic - which incorporates magnets into the feet of the flexible tripod allowing it to be anchored to any magnetic surface.

Magnetic feet were first included on the Gorillatorch (released in 2009) so the roll-out of this feature on the camera tripod product comes as no surprise.

Designed for use with compact digital cameras and mini video cameras weighing up to 11.5oz (325g) - not DSLRs - the Gorillapod Magnetic will be on show at this year’s Photo Marketing Association International tradeshow (PMA) in California and will be available globally in April. Currently it's listed at €24.95 on the Joby site.

The company will also use PMA to showcase a new addition to its professional line of products - the Ballhead X. This pan, tilt, and rotating mount is made for the larger Gorillapod Focus tripod and can support up 11.1lbs (5kg), making it suitable for use with bulkier DLSRs.

Am I the only one to see a big flaw in this ? Magnetism and memory card don\'t go well together ? Are they better shielded than old diskettes ?
@Hired_help: I think you are confusing solid state \"flash\" memory cards (like those used with digital cameras) with magnetic hard-drives.
The SSD\'s aren\'t affected by magnetic fields like this contraption, the data is stored electrically, not magnetically.
John in Brisbane
Yeah flash memory should be fine. But caution around laptops and desktops etc with magnetic media would need to be needed. And these gadgets and laptops could over be traveling together.