Back in 2013 GoSun unveiled its first solar oven. Using parabolic mirrors to focus sunlight, this portable convection oven is designed to cook a variety of foods without the need for a traditional heat source. Now, after several different iterations, the company is launching its cheapest and most portable version, the GoSun Go.

Over the last few years GoSun seems to have refined its larger solar oven models with the speedy GoSun Sport and the super-sized GoSun Grill, but a cheaper and more portable model seems to have been elusive. The GoSun Go appears to be a direct evolution from the two prior portable designs, the Mini and the Dogger, which are both discontinued models.

The new model is slightly lighter at 2lbs (.9 kg) than the previous Dogger (2.5 lb / 1.1 kg) and its ability to boil water stands it apart from any other version previously offered. The Go heats up to temperatures of 500° F (260° C) and as well as being able to cook foods such as fish, chicken and vegetables, it can boil 13.5oz (400ml) of water in just 30 minutes.

One of the clever things about GoSun's technology is that it apparently works just as well in cold temperatures as hot. So as long as you have some kind of sunlight, it is good to go.

The GoSun Go also hits a pretty enticing price point with the new model currently going for $99 USD on Kickstarter, a stark reduction to the rest of the line which sells from $279 to $799. Unsurprisingly the Go almost instantly smashed its Kickstarter goal with a promised delivery date of April 2018.

Take a look at a Kickstarter campaign video below.

Source: Kickstarter

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