GPS Athlete Management System to revolutionise sport

GPS Athlete Management System to revolutionise sport
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Wearable, GPS based SPI 10
Wearable, GPS based SPI 10

The SPI 10 is an Australian developed fitness first that records critical perfomance data via a miniature unit worn on the arm. Using GPS and heart rate monitoring technology, the SPI 10 (pronounced "spy") logs information on time, speed, distance, position, altitude and heart rate which can then be downloaded and analysed using specially designed training software.

Effectively an advanced hand held GPS receiver, the 11cm x 5cm by 3cm plastic unit weighs just 110g and can be worn on a belt or armstrap, carried in the hand or placed in the miniature back pack supplied with the unit.

The SPI 10 uses a 1 Hertz GPS chip that can collect data collection once per second and its ergonomic and functional design is due to the unique circuit board configuration.

The Canberra based team led by Adrian Faccioni - a member of the Olympic Advisory Board who spent the 11 years prior to establishing GPSports as course convener for the Sports Coaching degree at the University of Canberra - has also developed the Athelete Management System (AMS) used to analyse the data collected by SPI 10.

Analysis can provide time spent standing, walking, jogging, sprinting and the heart rate during each part of the activity and the SPI 10 can act as a "speedo" so that the wearer can pace themselves at in a specific heart rate or speed zone.

The SPI 10 is designed to be on "out of the box" solution that can be used to create and carry out complex training programs for a variety of sports - from cycling and athletics to running, rollerblading, or team sports - without the need for reconfiguration.

More information from the GPS Sports site

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