Great Ormond Street Hospital is a children’s hospital based in London, UK, which recently received an installation dubbed “Lullaby Factory,” courtesy of architectural firm Studio Weave. Spanning a total of ten stories in height, and 32 meters (105 feet) in length, Lullaby Factory enlivens a formerly dull space while producing gentle lullabies which can only be experienced from within the building.

The project was put forward following a multi-phased redevelopment of Great Ormond Street Hospital which resulted in several large windows directly facing a nearby pipework-ridden brickwork facade. Rather than attempting to hide this pipework or tidy it up somehow, Studio Weave instead made a feature of it, incorporating various fixtures and fittings from the aging building in order to create a compelling vision of a Lullaby Factory.

Sound artist Jessica Curry was commissioned to produce relaxing lullabies, and these are accessed either through special “listening pipes” located near the hospital canteen, or by tuning into an internal radio station.

The attention to detail brought to bear by Studio Weave is impressive, as highlighted by the architectural drawings in the Image Gallery.

The installation brings to mind the magic of classic children’s stories like Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory, and seems a fitting addition to the same hospital which also owns the rights to Peter Pan.

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