This beautiful architectural proposal from Italian firm StudioDosi is as green as it looks. Submitted in a competition to design a new headquarters for the Province of Parma in Italy's north, the public office space features a double glazed inner skin wrapped in an exoskeleton of "climbing vegetable stripes" which allows natural light to enter the building and boosts ventilation.

The use of a double-skin with an air space in between is a passive solar energy technique that's been applied in buildings like Dubai's O-14.

Architect Stefano Dosi's design also incorporates natural air extraction through “wind’s towers” in the middle of the structure and makes use of waste water collection, geothermal power and photovoltaic solar panels to achieve zero CO2 emissions.

Overall, the building would cover 13,500 sqm with one level below ground and three above.

StudioDosi led the design team with input from Igeam Srl & Insinga Srl and several other young Italian architects, engineers and botanists.

Via: Inhabitat.

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