UK-based Green Spirit Creations is the latest team to try its hand at paper-based lighting solutions. Seeking out discarded materials from local shop-owners, its stylish household lamps are made from 100 percent recycled cardboard (bulbs, wiring and switches aside).

Its products follow in the footsteps of previous cardboard lights, such as the flatpack Cartonado lamp and the hanging Numeruno, and form part of a larger trend of refashioning cardboard for unconventional use.

The Cover Lamp is a two-dimensional replica of a typical table lamp made from cardboard boxes retrieved from local stores. The company says that the idea was born out of a desire to create environmentally-friendly products and saw the cardboard the shops were throwing away as an opportunity to not only recycle materials, but minimize transportation waste and material re-processing.

The Golden Cube is, as the name suggests, a cube-shaped lamp and uses cardboard cut into intricate maze-like patterns and a 100 percent recyclable plastic casing to house the bulb.

Green Spirit Creations isn't limiting its inventive uses of recyclable materials to lighting solutions only, however, with its product range including a cardboard wine rack, a jean bag made from old jeans and a pendant lamp made from plastic cups.

The team is raising funds on Kickstarter to up-scale production of its hand-crafted products, where the Cover Lamp is available at a pledge level of £29 (US$47), while a £79 ($130) pledge will put you in line for a Golden Cube. The team plans to begin shipping in May 2014 if everything goes to plan.

You can see the company's pitch video below.

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