Electric vehicles promise advantages for the environment in terms of reducing local emissions along with advantages to the hip-pocket in respect to running costs. Unfortunately at this stage of the game, the catch is the premium price tag which places EVs outside the reach of the majority of drivers. Electric vehicle manufacturer, Green Vehicles is attempting to address this problem with its US$24,995 TRIAC three-wheeler.

Losing one of the rear wheels has not only helped lower the weight of the vehicle and reduce costs, it also means the TRIAC can be registered as a motorcycle allowing it to take advantage of car pool lanes with only one occupant. However, drivers will still only require a regular Class C driver’s license – the same used to drive a regular 4-wheeled car – to drive the TRIAC.

With a top speed of 80mph and range of 100 miles on a single charge the vehicle is capable of traveling on the freeway alongside gas-powered vehicles. Recharging is via a regular household outlet, taking around 16 hours for a 110-volt outlet, or five hours using a 220-volt connection.

Green Vehicles started delivering the first vehicles in November 2009 and is currently taking reservations, with vehicles provided on a first come, first served basis.

In this video below Gizmag catches up with Mike Ryan, President of Green Vehicles, who explained some of the advantages of the TRIAC three-wheeler.

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